Welcome to my blog


My name is Gongleshanks and I live in Grimney. I am part of a team known as Grimnian Promotions.  I have created this blog so that I can update you about what is happening in my life but more importantly to keep you up to date with what Grimnian Promotions are up to. Follow this blog to be kept in the loop

Those of you who already know me know that I used to be a woman but strange things happen in Grimney. One day a wizard came along and turned me into a man. Grimnian, the wizard is very powerful but for some reason I didn’t turn out to be quite what he had planned. Since being turned into Gongleshanks I have been living upside down. I can walk on my feet but I am very unsteady and therefore I generally walk around on my hands. This seems to surprise some people but in general I have been accepted into society in my present condition.

I have a steady girlfriend who lives in Miami but this doesn’t stop armies of girls from pursuing me. I can’t say I blame them because I am particularly charming and handsome, I also have billions of pounds in the bank and own a ferrari and a private jet. Of couse this has nothing to do with the reason I am so hotly in demand.

Although I love my girlfriend, Ann dearly, I do have a very strong crush on Kara Jarina who is also part of Grimnian promotions. I can’t resist pretty girls – and even not so pretty ones if I’m honest but Ann understands me and turns a blind eye when I chat up girls because she knows it’s just a bit of fun.

I do hope that you will read my blog – which I will try to update fairly regularly and that this will help my twitter fans…..erm sorry I mean followers to keep up to date with our venture: MineEye which is a developing project of which we are all very proud and excited.

Our team consists of Grimnian the wizard, Wendel Sparsett the Mayor of Dingle town, Morton Balthus the clam, Helga who…..I’m not sure who she is but she is very entertaining! and myself.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you here.

Love Gongleshanks x


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