A little bit more….

Hello again!

Just a little update about Grimnian promotions and some links in case you’re not following the rest of the team. First a very big thank you to all our followers and retweeters, as I keep saying we couldn’t do this without you.

It may seem hard to believe but we are doing this for YOU! The idea was conceived by our very own wizard Grimnian. He is an author and poet and also the creator of ‘The Land of Grimney’. He has a dream which we all believe in and that is why we are helping him by spreading the word about MineEye and giving exposure to lots of very talented people whilst building our followers ready for the launch of the virtual stage.

The virtual stage is being integrated into the main site and this is quite a complex operation which is the main reason for the delay in launching.

Grimnian prefers us not to reveal his identity because he doesn’t want the venture to be about him.  I know he won’t like me saying this but he is a very kind hearted soul and is giving his time and funding the project in order to give a helping hand to the many creative people ‘out there’

Creativity, Grimnian believes, should be enjoyed by a large audience and not supressed by a handful of people deciding what is ‘worthy’ for the masses. A lot of people ask for my opinion on their work and whilst I am happy to listen to new music and read books etc. I am not here as a judge but simply to share your links in order to widen your audience. We (the team) also retweet each others tweets as often as possible to give you as much exposure as possible.

Once MineEye is up and running we will have our own space to share our thoughts but of course we will still have a presence on twitter where we will continue to search for and tweet about creative people.

I will post a link to Helga’s article at the end in case you haven’t read it. You will find a lot more information about MineEye in the piece.

There are some quite sensible people behind the characters at Grimnian promotions…….alright I lied! Kara Jarina is the sensible one among us – every team has one I suppose. We give our time for free simply because we are all passionate about the venture and we all love music, poetry, art, etc. You may have noticed that we like to have fun too! We don’t take life too seriously and we tend to stay away from serious subjects, there’s plenty of room for doom and gloom elsewhere if that’s what you want!

We are proud to have the backing of lovely weather girl Sian Lloyd and have also managed to get a few tweets from other celebrities and high profile media people which helps tremendously to spread the word about what we are doing but ultimately it is our loyal followers who are keeping the tweets going and we really are very grateful to you all for your help. We show our gratitude by regularly insulting you as you know! at least the ones we suspect have a good sense of humour!

Please note that if you send a link to be retweeted it is better to send it to us with the team member included in the tweet e.g.  @Gongleshanks  We do receive a lot of Direct messages and our timelines are very busy due to our follower numbers. Also if you have followed and we haven’t followed back, don’t sit there sulking, give us a shout. We really do not want to ignore anyone who is interested in our venture.

As promised here are the links for all the team:







And here is the link to Helga’s article: Miine Eye · smackintheface.magix.net/public/mineeye…

I hope this helps to clarify what we are doing.  Until next time…..

Gongle x


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