Hello again.

Some of you may have gathered by now that I’m not very good with technology. I suppose it is taken for granted that a young man-about-town such as myself will be a whizz with computers. Sadly nobody can be good at EVERYTHING, not even me although it pains me to say it. I suppose the truth is I’m just so busy being a magnificent megastar that I get irritated by fiddly techno things. I prefer to leave others to sort out the ‘background’ things for me so I can be ‘out there’ entertaining my fans.

So…….I don’t know quite how I did it but I seem to have created a page for myself on rebelmouse. It was recommended to me by the lovely Kara Jarina and there is NO WAY I am going to admit defeat to her! (Kara thinks I’m a technical genius, she has no idea that I don’t know a a mouse from a ……gongle!) As far as I’m concerned technology is magic, I like it that was so let’s just leave it at that shall we?

I do like the look of rebelmouse, it allows you to store tweets and retweet them without even being on Twitter…..Pure Magic! This appears to have solved one headache that I am constantly battling with on Twitter

The problem that I have encountered whilst tweeting for Grimnian Promotions is that there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to ‘store’ links. I was very excited when I discovered ‘lists’ but annoyingly they aren’t static lists and send a constant stream of tweets through making it difficult to keep track of links that people have requested us to retweet.

This is my page on rebelmouse in case you haven’t seen it: 

I keep saying this but it’s worth mentioning again. If you want me to retweet a link to a book or music or anything else for that matter, please DON’T send DM’s. Send the link to @Gongleshanks to make sure I get it. Most DM’s get lost before I have a chance to see them

Once again thanks to all our followers for all your mentions and retweets. Special thanks to my dear friend, author JP Lane. I know she regularly reads my blog in order to learn how to improve her writing. If you want to be ‘up there’ with the greats you should read Gongle’s blog regularly too.

Thanks also to my girlfriend Ann and our mutual friend Jana for flying over to Grimney this week and organising a surprise birthday party for me. It certainly was a surprise as I didn’t even know it was my birthday! As I pointed out to them I wasn’t so much ‘born’ as ‘turned into Gongle’ by a wizard so we decided to call it a Turnday party.

Finally, if you’re reading this and you have sent links that I haven’t retweeted please send them again with the @sign and the name of whichever Grimney Promotions member you would like to rt for you. You can send links to all of us if you want to, don’t be afraid to ‘pester’ We live to hear from our lovely followers and retweeting is our main activity until our new site is up and running.

We also welcome suggestions from our followers as to how we can improve the experience for you.

Until next time

Gongle x


6 thoughts on “Magic!

  1. I was wandering around Twitter one day when I saw a sign: “Land of Grimnian 2 miles.” “Land of Grimnian?” I muttered to myself in puzzlement as I took the winding, tree-shaded path leading to this very mysterious place. I mean, who ever heard of the Land of Grimnian? Have you? Anyway, to cut a long story short, just before I got there, I ran into this absolutely stunning creature. He wasn’t only devastatingly handsome, he was casting a very flirtatious look in my direction. We got to tweeting and he told me his name was Gongle Shanks. Gongle Shanks? Who ever heard of such a name? Sounded like it belonged to some mythical creature to me. As it turns out, Gongle is kind of mythical. As he said, he was transformed into the super-star Twitter personality he is by no less than a wizard. As to his claim that he’s a better writer than me, that’s mythical. Sorry, Gongle, but it’s the truth. That being said, thank you very much for the mention. I’m delighted – and honored. And thanks for being such a great friend of the author community.


  2. And that’s the thanks I get for teaching you writing skills is it? Huh some folk soon forget their teachers! I am delighted you took time to post on my little blog dearest. My girlfriend has never done anything like this for me…..maybe I am going to have to reconsider if she is good enough for the Mighty Gongle………


  3. Dear Gongle, you simply must have your techno wizards add sharing to your posts so I can TWEE a gem like this, “Creativity, Grimnian believes, should be enjoyed by a large audience and not supressed by a handful of people deciding what is ‘worthy’ for the masses.” That’s good stuff and morsels like this must be shared.


  4. Wait. Did the sharing buttons just magically appear because, I kid you not, they weren’t there before! Your wizards are the best in all the land.


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