BGT final was eggcellent.

I’ve just been reading about the lady who threw eggs at Simon Cowell during last night’s Britain’s Got Talent final. By now you all know that I have a wicked sense of humour but I promise I shell refrain from making egg yolks………

Apparently the lady was playing viola in the orchestra backing Richard and Adam Johnson who were singing their hearts out at the time of the incident.

Thirty year old Natalie Holt -who, it is said was a previous contestant on the show – appeared from the back of the stage and started to pelt Simon with eggs whilst thoroughly enjoying herself, judging by the huge grin on her face. She was quickly carted off by security guards and the police were called.

Natalie apologised ‘for disrupting the brothers’ performance’ and admitted that she had never done anything like it before adding that on reflection it had been a stupid thing to do.

A spokesperson for the show later revealed that no further action was being taken at this stage.

Now …… call me paranoid but I can’t help thinking it was a ‘fix’

Was it a ploy to get Mr Cowell to take his jacket off and spend the rest of the show flashing his chest?

Or maybe it had been planned by the brothers so that they could show off their professionalism by finishing their performance without being distracted?

Or maybe Natalie herself is determined to get her fair share of the limelight – something Gongle can empathise with – but there are easier ways my dear!

So what has led me to these conspiracy theories?

Well, firstly did nobody notice the lady carrying a box of eggs when she passed through the stage door? Were the hunky security men having a little nap when the orchestra were taking their places? Secondly, who was playing her viola whilst she was turning Simon into an omlette?

Ah but wait, maybe she appeared as a magician when she was a contestant on an earlier show. Yes that’s definitely a new take on pulling rabbits out of a hat!

I wonder how long it will be before her book goes on sale or we see her presenting a show on daytime TV?

I really don’t understand today’s celebrity culture! I had to walk my fingers to the bone before I became a megastar………..


5 thoughts on “BGT final was eggcellent.

  1. A true masterpiece, the skewering of a notorious skewerer was delightful. Turn if phrase and current events all in one post amazing! And honestly I do not know him.


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