Information for new followers

Hello and welcome!

It’s our followers that make our venture worthwhile and we truly appreciate each and every one of you. When I say ‘we’ I am speaking on behalf of Grimnian Promotions, the team. If you’re not sure what we are doing please take a few minutes to read through my earlier posts where you will find lots of information about the team and our venture.

The reason I decided to write this post is to save saying the same thing over and over again.

I have noticed that many new followers send direct messages with links. As you can imagine, due to the increasing numbers of followers on my page there is a constant stream of messages coming through and I miss most of them. I am more than happy to tweet links for you but can you send them directly to @Gongleshanks please to make sure I receive them. I’m sure the same applies to the others in the team.

Also, the creation of our new site, MineEye and voicebox is specifically for our followers so please spread the word. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the experience for you do let us know.

We are all very busy as you will appreciate but we do our best to reply to all the direct tweets we receive and to oblige with tweets when requested. If we miss anything please do let us know

We are here to help!

Oh, one last thing, if you follow my blog I do post quite regularly with updates to keep you in the loop!

Gongle x


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