Featured Artist

Hello again!

Just to let you know about a new feature on my Twitter page. We have many musicians, poets, writers etc. who are eagerly awaiting the launch of MineEye , our new website where they will be able to read/perform on our virtual stage.

Beginning tomorrow I will be featuring a different artist every two or three days. Originally I had planned to make this a daily feature but I then decided to post some information about the featured artist  in my blog. To do this daily would probably prove too much for poor old Gongle, hence the decision to feature each artist for a longer period which will also gain them more exposure.

I aim to feature all of our writers and artists so that hopefully by the time they come to ‘perform’ you will already know and love them.

I would be most grateful, as always if you could retweet the blog and the tweets which will be sent out regularly throughout the day. Please help them to be seen and heard, we try to give everyone equal exposure as we firmly believe that all creative people need a chance to be seen and/or heard. If you like the featured artist please leave some encouraging feedback for them.

Our first featured artist beginning tomorrow is a very talented young man called Adam Button. As well as tweeting his very entertaining song I will be posting information about him here in my blog.

Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read about Adam and listen to his song. After all this is why Grimnian Promotions exist to give all creative people a helping hand.

As always if you have any comments or suggestions as to how we can improve our service we are always open to ideas!

Thank youGongle x


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