An update from Gongle

TGongle in Texas

Hello again Tweeps

Just a little update as I promised to keep you in the loop, as they say. As you all know I am a massive megastar and due to this I get sackloads of fan mail every day. Now because I’m also a lovely person I do like to reply to all my fan mail which is taking me longer every day the more my popularity grows.Please be patient with poor, popular Gongle.

I have made another executive decision. At the end of each month I am going to retweet artists who have been featured during the month. So although technically it is the beginning of the month on Saturday I will be retweeting Adam Button, Rosie Ladkin and David E. Manuel on Saturday and Sunday. Next featured artist will appear on Monday 3rd July.

I have several important meetings between thursday and Sunday and will not be around much on those days. In order to keep tweets going I have asked my friend, Hall to reply to my tweets whenever possible so can I ask you to copy her into my tweets for a few days? i.e. send your tweets to @GongleShanks  @mrsnickih        That way if I don’t see your tweets, Hall will

Don’t know why that last sentence came out red but it’s very colourful!

On a serious subject, I have received   tweets recently asking me to click on links to porn and to retweet said links.   I know that I have several young followers and like to keep my page ‘family friendly’. I  cannot speak for my colleagues at Grimnian promotions but would like to point out that porn is unacceptable to Gongle and all such requests will be ignored and tweeters blocked.

I think the next point will apply to all of Grimnians as I have noticed them tweeting about it! PLEASE no DM’s unless it is during a conversation. I miss most DM’s as they are coming through in a steady stream all day and all night! The best way to grab our attention is by tweeting with @ and the name of the person you are tweeting. The main ‘offenders’ are new followers who probably haven’t read my blog posts but there is really little point in sending DM’s as you will be extremely lucky if they get read!

I hope you like the above photograph, it was taken whilst I was in Texas with my girlfriend Ann. We went to visit our mutual friend Jana and of course I just HAD to show off on a rodeo horse! Well you can’t go to Texas and not ride a rodeo horse……can you?

I think that’s all for now. Don’t forget to include @mrsnickih  in your tweets while Gongle is busy with his very important meetings for the next few days. Of course you can also tweet my colleagues, especially the, ahem, lovely @HelgaVonClapp who is our most experienced Grimnian. What Helga doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing:-)

Happy tweeting

Gongle x


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