A Message from Megastar Gongle

Hello and a very big thank you to all our followers for your help and support. Most of you will be aware by now why the Grimnian Promotions team are giving their time to help you, our very talented followers.

Because interest in our venture is growing rapidly we are receiving vast amounts of tweets and requests for retweets. We are all delighted that our endeavour is capturing your imaginations.

Whilst we do our best to give everyone an equal share of promotion it is not always possible to reply to every tweet or to respond to every request for retweets.

Whilst I am quite sure that the majority of our followers understand this there have been a few occasions where individuals have bombarded us with tweets and then pointed out rather impatiently that they are still waiting for their retweets.

We would like to remind you that we are providing this service free of charge and none of the team receive payment.   We welcome your tweets and requests and will deal with them as quickly, pleasantly and efficiently as possible but if your tweet is missed could you please send a polite reminder rather than berating us? We really do want to help everybody:-)

We are currently tweeting a survey which has been designed with you in mind. The site MineEye is well on the way now and in order to make sure it fulfills your needs it will help us greatly if you could take a couple of minutes to complete it. Remember the site is for YOU  so please help us to tailor it to your needs1 If you missed it the link is here: http://bitly.com/MineEye 

Gongle x


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