New Team Members

Hello all

Just a little update to keep you informed with happenings at Grimnian Promotions.

Our team is expanding – and I’m not just referring to Gongle’s head!

We are all busy growing and promoting our followers ready for the launch of MineEye which IS coming, I promise. Watch out for the survey link which we’re currently tweeting. The survey is designed fo you to have your input into the final design of the website so do help us to help you by completing it:-)

Our mighty wizard has been building the team in readiness for the launch of MineEye. In addition to team members previously listed you will see Garlan Glave appearing more regularly in the near future. He’s our very own ‘tin man’ who, due to past transgressions is now living a life of tin (sorry:-) He is deteriorating rapidly and is being restored by his new friends in readiness for his important role. If you come across Garlan please be kind to him, help to cheer up our paranoid android!

We would also like to thank our helpers @SimonTurkas and @mrsnickih  who are doing a wonderful job helping to spread the word about Grimnian Promotions.

There are also numerous volunteers working behind the scenes and although they don’t work in public they are equally important to our venture.

Last but definitely not least a very big Thank you to our followers for joining in with the fun and for tweeting about us. We may not always have time to thank you individually but please be assured that we appreciate your help.

We are delighted with the response so far, it is growing much quicker than any of us had dared to hope so please continue to support us so that we can continue to support you.

Yours always

Gongle xx


2 thoughts on “New Team Members

  1. What a wonderful message to people! How great it must be to have such lovely helpers incl.those behind the scenes.. You’re all doing a great job from what I’ve seen and I shall keep an eye out for your new member Garlan- I’m sure he’ll be fab- poor man! Thankyou for all your hard work and always keeping us informed about what’s happening.. Exciting times! Best to you all


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