Featured Artist – Giorgio Christou

Giorgio Christou
Giorgio Christou first began writing material in late 2009 when finding out his granddad was passing away due to terminal lung cancer. He decided then to carry on pushing towards his and his granddads lifetime dream of becoming a well-known performer. He began writing songs that were very inspired by one of his idols, Lady Gaga and started work on a demo debut album which consisted of indie pop, electropop, pop rock and R&B tracks. This then led further into development when he scrapped the past tracks and began working from scratch with a newly titled record ‘Living For Today’ in which the name pays tribute to one of his biggest inspirations, John Lennon. The album consists of pop, dance, electronic, rock and house music and is very provocative in lyrics and certain production. As a full on 18-track debut album, taking the time to get it recorded and mastered properly is where to be and on the 5th June 2011, he released the first single ‘Beautiful Sin’ digitally. This was preceded by second single ‘Someone Save Me Tonight’ in August 2012 and then third single and biggest track yet ‘Born Again’ on the 6th May 2013. To build up to the massive full album, a collection of 3 EPs will be released before hand to give fans and audiences a preview of what to expect when the album finally drops. The first of the 3 EPs ‘Mermaid Blood’ was released digitally on the 13th May 2013 on Giorgio’s 19th birthday. His fourth single from ‘Living For Today’, ‘Hells Angel’ will be released in July/August time of this year and will be the first track on 2nd EP which has been named ‘Blasphemy’.

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