An Update

Hello everybody

Just to let you know that I will be giving the Featured Artist spot a break from Friday. It will return soon so don’t lose any sleep! Gongle needs to charge his cheekiness batteries for a few days

If you need me and I’m not around just get in touch with my personal assistant,  Helga Vonn Clapp, she loves getting millions of tweets every day………That’ll teach her to repeatedly bang my head on the table!

For all those who have bought the paperback version of my book, you will be pleased to know that you have the ‘collector’s edition’ The book is now regular size and the A4 version is extremely rare so well done if you got one!

Helga’s just hit me over the head with a stapler……surely that’s instant dismissal…….Grimnian? I wish to put in an official complaint!

Gongle is going to be busy signing books and meeting and greeting fans from Friday this week so don’t forget HELGA WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU.

Love Gongle x


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