Let’s have some fun!

Hello to all my regular readers and welcome to you new ones. I can’t believe how many new followers I have on my blog since last time I updated it! (I can actually but this is my attempt at modesty – ah what’s the point) I know how magnificent I am so what’s the point in hiding it?

A little bit of news first, I will be bringing the Featured Artisit Spot back soon – with a few changes. Firstly it will be a weekly spot and secondly I won’t be putting artists into my blog. I find that most artists already have blogs or websites of their own so we will just be tweeting links to your own publicity material.  That will cut down my work load and free up my time to relax by the pool……WHAT?? Well I AM a megastar you know!

I will be announcing which day the featured artist spot will be appearing and when it will return soon, so….watch this space.

OK now for the fun bit. Most of you will know about my colleagues, the Grimnian Promotions team. I thought we would have a vote to find out who is the best looking male <points to self discreetly> This is a no brainer of course because the choice consists of: Grimnian (the red-faced, sequin wearing wizard) Morton (the slimy clam) Garlan (the rusty tin knight) or Wendel (the old, grey mayor) – HA! Did you see what I did there?

Anyway the prize will be title of ‘Most handsome Grimnian’ and NO VOTE RIGGING PLEASE BALTHUS!

We better include the girls in this I suppose so you can also vote for Most beautiful female Grimnian and your choices are: Helga (splutter) Ann or the BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, IRRESISTABLE Kara.

Please leave your choice of male and female Grimnian in the comments below and when I have more votes than the others voting will close.

Love Gongle x


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