A Postcard from Gongle

Hello Grimnians and twits

Having a lovely time on my private island. Don’t worry about me Ann, there are lots of girls looking after my every need! I’m sure you’ll be missing me lots, being the enigmatic character that I am but just emerge yourselves in your work and I’ll be back before you can say ‘Gongleshanks is the most handsome man I’ve ever set eyes on.’

Being as I am also extremely generous I am sending very expensive gifts for my colleagues – not because I think you’re worth it but because I want you to remember that I am extremely rich and successful:-)

For dearest Grimnianigift for Grimnian

I hope you like this sequinned dress. I had it made for you by David E Manuel – dressmaker to Royalty:-)

gift for WendelFor dearest Wendel

A special clock for you backwards Mayor!

igift for GarlanFor dearest Garlan

Make sure you’re bright and shiny when I return:-)

gift for SketchFor Sketch

I know you like twigs dear so this is for you . STOP swirling and hopping for a minute and see what Great Gongle has sent you – no expense spared!!

gift for MortonFor Morton

Special slime to keep your tentacles lubricated Morty:-)gift for helgaFor Helga

There you go Helga, this should ensure you don’t go hungry whist I’m away……and that none of my colleagues get eaten!!

gift for AnnFor Darling Ann

Darling, here is a framed photograph for you so that you don’t forget me……as IF you could:-) xxxx

gift for KaraFor beautiful Kara

Saw this and thought of you…..don’t know why:-) xxxx

Please behave my darlings until I return, oh and Morton I have ordered a  Clamborghini for you:-)

Right I must go I am building the biggest sandcastle that has ever been built. It even has a landing strip for my plane:-)

Don’t work TOO hard – as if you would!

Love and hugs

Gongle xxxx

PSSweetsSweets for all my lovely fans to share….especially the lovely Tonia Allen Gould!!


16 thoughts on “A Postcard from Gongle

    1. Don’t know if I replied properly before……tch, two days off work and I’ve forgotten everything I knew…..no comment please! I have sent a huge carton of sweets for all my fans to share Tonia, you can take charge of sharing them out darling:-)


  1. Did I say thick Tonia? I meant thin…..erm…..yes, thin…..that’s what I meant:-) Thought the sweets might put a bit of meat on your thighs young lady! I like my girls with something to get hold of:-) ……..only joking Ann darling:-)


  2. What a lovely and thoughtful note, Gongle. And so glad you gifted the dress. I’ve just now posted the bill for it. I’m in the US these days so it’s in dollars, four-million, three-hundred and twenty-five thousand of them, to be exact.


  3. Oh David! Thank you so much for the generous discount! I’m sure Grimnian will LOVE the dress! You are a very clever man. It will go perfectly with his diamond encrusted stillettos:-)


  4. Oh the dress is exquisite! Absolutely divine. David it’s such a beautiful design, I shall wear it always. Strapless and backless I shall have to shave my shoulders. What a splendid surprise. Shoes, oh yes, I have so many pairs I shall spend all day tomorrow deciding what goes best with the outfit. It’s so exciting as I’ve just bought a full length mirror to pose.in front of. Oh I will look the belle of the ball! .


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