A Postcard from Gongle

Hello you ‘orrible lot!

Oh sorry, I have sunstroke! Well I’m having a fabulous time here on Gongle island and I’m glad you’re not here:-) It is SO peaceful and idyllic that I have decided I’m not coming back to that Grim office (pun intended) with slimy clams, the mad axe woman,  dress wearing wizard and metal Mickey!

I have spoken to the President…..erm sorry the wizard on the hotline and we have decided that I am going to work from my private beach. There are clams here but they don’t talk or ride around on clambrettas so I won’t get so distracted.

Grimnian promotions have had a reshuffle and Gongle won’t be working so much on the promotions side of things now. I will tweet occasionally but it is sometimes difficult to get a good signal from the middle of the Mediterranean so please don’t rely on me for your tweets!

There are plenty of other Grimnians around to tweet for you so pester….erm, I mean send your tweets to them.

I am back at work this week although I do keep falling asleep on my work beach (see what I did there?) and that’s how I came to have sun stroke.

Garlan Glave will be taking over the featured artist spot once he gets his bee filled head around the technology! Meanwhile I am building my own website and I am going to be running competitions for all you lovely, creative people! There are going to be cash prizes too so there will be small entry fees, all will become clear very soon! Watch this space!

OH! Here comes the ice cream van……I mean, I had better get back to work…………..

Love Gongle xx


3 thoughts on “A Postcard from Gongle

  1. Well, unsure why I am surprised or hurt. Long time girlfriend, long enduring girlfriend and no mention at all. Fine I see how it is, finally. Not news just always forgiven before.
    May you enjoy your island. Be happy alone.


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