A Decent Proposal

My Darling Ann

<looks over shoulder to make sure nobody’s reading>

I think it’s about time you made an honest imp of me. I know I’ll never find anybody daft …….erm I mean like you so……….

<Gets down on one elbow>

Will you do yourself the honour of becoming my wife?

I know your overwhelming instinct will be to say yes because , let’s face it………all the girls in the universe will be green with envy when you tell them that THE Gongleshanks has proposed to you – but do think about it my love. Are you ready to give up talking to all those male friends of yours and lavish all your attention on me 24/7 or at least when I’m home and not out eying up the chicks?

You can also have the enormous privilege of coming to live with me on my idyllic private island where we can live happily ever after.

Take your time and think about it darling but……don’t wait too long because if you say no I’m going to ask Sally my cook:-)

Your Sweetheart

Gongle x


7 thoughts on “A Decent Proposal

  1. Well my delicious man ~ not exactly the proposal I had hoped for ~ but you are my heartbeat ❤
    Many things need to be cleared up, not the least of which is your flirtatious ways. Who will do the ironing 😉 and who decides who I can talk and or tweet to.
    So IF you agree to a long engagement and a beautiful, tasteful ring, then YES of course I will allow you the honor of marrying me!!!!!
    PS all deals are off if you don't get brave enough to give me a proper kiss. (Right girls?)


    1. What do you mean woman……WHO will do the ironing?? YOU are the woman! and of course I will decide who you can talk to, it will be my job to protect you of course! I worry about your memory loss dear, what do you mean I’ve never kissed you? What do you think we were doing in that stationery cupboard??

      You can pick whichever ring you want my love, the bigger the rock the better I look:-) Spend as much as you want my love.

      I can’t promise not to flirt, I am an IMP!

      So that’s a yes then is it? Oh dear I’ll have to break it to the other poor girls…….


      1. Ok my love, first things first ~ I do not iron ~ so you must OR find a man who does, preferably a Johnny Depp look-a-like.
        Next, I will talk/tweet whomever and whenever I wish. And of course you will protect me, it being your job.
        I concede your flirtatious ways only if you give me mine.
        About the stationery cupboard~~ as I recall we spent the whole time discussing how handsome you are, fixing your awesome hair and playing checkers.
        So you still owe me a proper kiss. And your heart :-).
        This is my acceptance of your proposal my dearest.
        It is this or I am off to my other suitors. Decide my upsidedown delicious man.


  2. Well I must say I have NEVER met a woman who doesn’t iron!! How about this then? I PROMISE not to beat you if I find creases in my shirts……can’t say fairer than that! I am a reasonable man.

    Yes you are right we did spend the time in the cupboard discussing how handsome I was but as I recall it was YOU who started the conversation and I DID let you win at checkers:-) I’m sure I kissed you, how remiss of me if I didn’t! How on earth could I have resisted kissing those luscious lips!!

    I do not think that a married woman should be chatting to ‘other’ me. I will try to curb my flirting but please try to understand it isn’t easy when beautiful women are throwing themselves at my hands all day long! It’s not MY fault I’m irresistible to women and sometimes it just takes less energy to play along than to fight them off! You don’t want me coming home from work exhausted all the time do you my love?

    In exchange for you keeping my mansion clean and my laundry and cooking my meals I will provide you with a platinum card with no limit and you can buy as many clothes as you like and I will never complain! What woman can resist that??

    Have you chosen a ring yet my darling? I can’t wait to show it off to the world:-)

    Your ever loving Gongle xx


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