An Update from Gongleshanks

Hello everybody:-)

Well it’s been a hectic few weeks! I proposed to my girlfriend and after much discussion it looks like I’m single again! I’m afraid I don’t understand earth women but thankfully my friend Morton brought me back to my senses!

So Gongle is on the market again looking for a suitable wife. PLEASE girls, don’t all rush forward like that, you’ll cause a crush!  So, if you’re single and good looking and searching for a handsome, rich, megastar boyfriend with a private island and jet, if you like shopping and would like a platinum card with no limit and if you’re well behaved and domesticated please apply below!

Many of you will know that I am building a new website and you can follow my progress as I am regularly tweeting when it is updated. If you haven’t seen it you can find it here:

Now Morton has asked me to build him one and to be honest it’s a struggle…….I mean, why would a CLAM need a website?? I must perservere with it however as he has paid me 70,000 tobran which is equivalent to £70,000 in earth terms and I don’t want to have to give him a refund!

We have two new members on the Grimnian Promotions team so do follow them please. They will be added to the website – as soon as I get a minute! They are Garli and Ursula so welcome to the madhouse girls:-)

Right I must get back to work, websites don’t build themselves you know:-)

Love Gongle x


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