Competition Launched

Hello folks

I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit quiet lately (although I expect you’re not!) I have been working my little gloves off. I am pleased to tell you that our first ‘cash prize’ competition has been launched. Because it is the first real competition our fabulous wizard, Grimnian has guaranteed that the first prize for each category will be a minimum of £100!

The competition website is here:

Also if you’re still not sure why the Grimnians have landed and why they are here there is lots of information on the site so do go and have a look……..

Why are you still here then?

Oh I see you are hanging on to my every word as usual!

There are a couple of new judges in the pipeline, actually I must go and get them out…….

If you would like to be a judge please email me at:

Thank you to all our followers for, well………following us! Where would we be without all your support? Back in Grimney I suppose.

You are making us strange beings so welcome on your planet, it really isn’t true what we heard about you humans before we came!

Right, that’s all I wanted to say so off you pop now and have a look at the website.

Love Gongle x


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