A Happy Christmas to all my lovely friends!

Hello everybody

This will be my last post of the year and what a year it’s been, it was a whole 365 days as far as I can remember! Next year will be totally different of course because I will be an even bigger megastar than I am now…….is that even possible?………

I have had a lot of fun with twitter friends old and new…..especially that sketch. She is a complete nutcase but that’s how I like my nutcases……complete Lol!

I am taking a well earned break now until January 2014 and I am going to Miami to spend my holidays with my lovely fiancee Ann but I couldn’t go without wishing you all:


Thank you for all your support and I look forward to chatting with you all next year:-)and…………getting the competitions up and running properly!

Thank you to all of you who agreed to be judges on the new site, I hope to have some work for you soon:-)

Stay safe and be happy until your megastar friend returns.Love Gongle x


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