Happy 2014 from Gongleshanks!

Hello everybody

I just realised that I haven’t wished anybody a Happy New Year! This is partly because I am not used to this earthly greeting and partly because I was so busy living it up with my lovely girlfriend Ann in Miami that I completely forgot all about you!

Well it’s a new year but same old Gongle so I won’t bother pretending that anything is going to be different this year – apart from the fact that I’m probably going to be even MORE amazing than I was last year but then you already realised that didn’t you!

Don’t forget to visit the competition website and enter the cash competition which ends on January 31st. http://www.gongleshanks.co.uk You can read all about the Grimnians on the site too in case you are not yet familiar with the aliens who are inhabiting your planet.

I hope you all had lots of lovely presents for Christmas. I had loads of the usual things from Ann but one present I DID like was my skateboard! It’s currently in for repair after my spectacular entrance to the office yesterday when I returned to work!

So anyway I must go and put some more gel in my hair before anyone sees me. Happy New Year everybody!

Love Gongle x


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