Hello from Gongleshanks

Hello everybody

Just a little update………..

Firstly you may have noticed that our name has changed from Grimnian Promotions to Voice Box Promotions. This is in anticipation of our soon to be launched website Voice Box. It has taken some time to develop but will be coming soon and I’m sure it will be worth the wait so watch this space…………

Next I will shortly be closing the website: http://www.gongleshanks.co.uk

The reason for this is that Grimnian will be incorporating competitions within the new site and all the judges will remain the same. It was an experimental site and didn’t ‘take off’ quite as quickly as we expected it to. We have discussed this and with our main site being imminent it seemed the sensible thing to do.

As you know we are a ‘company in progress’ so please stick with us as we develop. Our followers are growing daily and we appreciate all of you. We are here primarily for you to help you to gain exposure whatever genre of the arts you operate in. The development of the site has been a much bigger operation than was first anticipated but we hope to have a launch date for you in the near future.

As always, thank you from our hearts to all of our new followers and those who continue to retweet us. Our team is also growing and we extend a very warm ‘Grimnian’ welcome to our newest member and supporter of poetry, Killgin Stark. Welcome to our happy family and thank you for your hard work and support:-)

Please continue to help us to help you. We love the arts and all of you extremely creative people ‘out there’.

May all of your dreams come to fruition – however long it takes!

Love Gongle x


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