A poem about Grimney

Hi everybody

I just wanted to share a lovely poem which was sent to me by Kirsten:

Thank you for sharing this with us Kirsten. If anyone else has anything ‘Grimnian’ to share send it to Gongleshanks@hotmail.co.uk

Gongle x

In this world full of turmoil
There’s a beautiful land to find
As soon as you cross that border
You’ll find a place to relax and unwind

It’s beautiful out there
A land full of art and creativity
A colorfull place
It’s called the Land of Grimney

In the Land of Grimney the music never stops
Poetry, books, stories you will find
Art in abundance
Art of all kind

Grimney has many strange inhabitants
Yes they’re a bit odd
They’re called the Grimnians
They might be strange, but they’re a lovely lot!

The Grimnians only have one goal
Make the world aware
Aware of the unknown talent
Unknown art is what they share

Artists, don’t hesitate!
Start your journey!
Let your dreams take flight
Go to the Land of Grimney!

by Kirsten van den Bogard


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