RETROBOT – a poem by Meadow


I made a new friend on Twitter

His name is Retrobot

I don’t want to sound bitter but

My friend is a bit of a clot


He’s battery operated

And has been in a very deep sleep

So his ideas are slightly outdated and

He converses in boops and beeps


I think something happened to his brain

Whilst he slumbered away the years

For the little fellow’s quite insane

At least that’s how he appears


You see he has this ambition

To be top of the charts one day

Can’t wait for bot the musician

To get some radio play


But when he’s rich and famous

Will he remember me?

Or will he be an ignoramus

Believing his publicity?


I think that we should back my friend

And help him to reach the top

But if his record fails to trend

We’ll just unfollow the flop!


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