Your favourite megastar is back!

Hello all

As you know by now I have been on my private island with my lovely fiancee and the nightmare that is Meadow! Although in fairness she has ironed ALL my clothes while she’s been there.

Some of you will be receiving invitations to our wedding which is taking place in the autumn (or ‘fall’ if you’re one of those strange American types) Ann is deciding on the date and as soon as I know, you’ll know.

The wedding will be held on my island in the Mediterranean and I will be ordering a couple of cruise liners to get guests there.

We are also putting on a live show and inviting many superstars to perform. The only confirmed performer so far is the magnificent Retrobot and I’m hoping that Ann will agree to walk down the aisle to his – soon to be released single – Chocolate Bot. When I say aisle, the ceremony will be taking place on the beach so I may have to get Sketch to draw an aisle in the sand with one of her twigs!

I am currently in Miami but will be returning to Twitterland for Sketch’s 105th birthday tomorrow. Ann and Meadow have gone out to buy her a present.

I can’t miss her party, she’s having balloons and everything and you KNOW what a party animal I am!

I have asked David E Manuel to be best man at our wedding. I am awaiting his response. I did think of asking Grimnien but……………..well, to be honest I was afraid he might upset my bride by turning up in a nicer dress than hers!

Anyway I just thought I’d let you know your favourite tweeter is back and catch you up with the news. Stay tuned and watch out for your wedding invitations!

Love Gongle x


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