The date has been set for the wedding of the century! I can’t believe how excited I am! My fiancee is sending out the invitations. For some reason I don’t think she trusts me to do it……………Anyway, suits me, the more she insists on doing, the less I have to do. Yes I think I’m going to like being married!

I have asked Grimnien to take the photos (as I know he’s pretty good at doing that) So I have best man and photographer sorted out.

I think I’ll organise the catering because Ann has a lot on her plate. I thought we could all sit on the beach and eat banana butties, yum my favourites! I think I’m getting married in my swimming trunks (Ooooh er Mrs. Give the girls an eyeful!) That way if the speeches get boring I can nip off for a swim in between……….Oooooh it’s going to be such a laugh! Can’t wait……….

Hey, I’ve never been married before! Do I have to make a speech?………I HOPE SO:-)

My next wedding will be more organised, I’ll have had a bit of practice! Oh Ann I wonder if Sian would like to be a flower girl? It’s up to you of course but we could do with a bit of eye candy in the wedding party!

We’re inviting all our favourite musicians to perform on the day too, I’m having an arena built especially! Ann will announce who the acts are soon so watch this space!

Maybe now you can understand why I’m not on Twitter as much these days! I am busy making sure everything is perfect for my big day! It’s so much fun, I should get married more often.  Kirsten, you could be next if Ann doesn’t renew the six month contract!:-)………………I presume humans do it the same way as Grimnians? On a six monthly contract?…….Yep course you do.

Right folks I think that’s everything for now. If you have any questions ask the chick , she’s not doing much……just fussing over girly things……………


Love Gongle x


4 thoughts on “OCTOBER 18th!

  1. Long and lovely announcement my yummykins.
    Surprised you didn’t mention the 6 month thing before….
    But fair is fair I guess….
    I forgot to mention the no fault law Florida has ~ at the end of a marriage ALL ASSETS are split 50-50. Your money was never a issue, or concern, I have my own. Now I may have more by next summer 🙂

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    1. See this is what I love about you:-) Straight back no messing……..however, if you think you’re getting half my fortune after six months…………dream on chucky egg:-) Did I tell you about the Grimney law? The one that states ex wives who try to fleece their husbands will be tied to a tree and used for bow and arrow target practice?……No?………Never mind honey, I’m sure it won’t come to that:-)

      Where will we live when we’re married darling?…..Twitterland?…..Gongle Island?……..Miami?……..We haven’t thought this through have we?……..


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