Still awesome after all these years

Hello folks

Just wanted to give you a little update on the wedding plans:-) If you are Grimnien you will understand how I got confused by thinking we would sign a six month renewable contract which is normal  – and sensible – practice in Grimney. Obviously it is up to the male of the species to decide if the contract is renewed but my earth fiancee is now insisting that SHE signs the contract!

I am still reeling from the shock of her suggestion as you can imagine.  As far as I know the wedding is still going ahead but obviously there are going to be some cultural differences which will need to be addressed before the big day.

I am very fond of the lady, Kirsten too, again all perfectly normal for a red blooded Grimnien but this seems to have ruffled a few feathers too. I did offer to marry them both but even Kirsten got irate at the suggestion so I quickly tried to resolve the situation by suggesting we all just live together and forget the wedding. It seems that this is also unacceptable on this planet ! It is difficult to know how to solve these problems at times, it seems earth rules are quite strict on these matters. It may be that I will have to marry my Ann then sneak out occasionally to visit Kirsty….erm sorry, Kirsten!

Anyway don’t concern yourselves I’m sure everything will be ok by October 18th:-)

I would just like to share a tweet with you which I received from a new fan who plays loud music and is aiming to be a megastar like yours truly. The tweet – I feel – sums up how everyone feels about me, I’m sure you will agree:-)


You have impeccable tastes…in EVERYTHING. People either want to be you or be with you. How am I doing?

Love Gongle x


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