New Competition

Hello all

I have some exciting news! I will shortly be launching a new competition which will run for two months. If you fancy getting your hands on a grand prize of £40 (or equivalent in dollars)  which is being donated by the kindly wizard, Grimnien stay tuned!

The competition will work as follows:

I will set up a page on my blog entitled, ‘Make Gongle Laugh’ During May and June any tweets that make me laugh out loud will be added to the page.  The tweets will stay on the page throughout May and June, therefore all shortlisted entries will be winners because they should pick up new followers by being  highlighted on the great Gongle’s blog!

The competition will start shortly and end on the last day of June, then the writer of the funniest tweet will win 40 smackaroonies!! Grimnien will pay the money via Pay Pal, simples!

The competition will be advertised on several competition sites so it will hopefully create interest and bring in some new followers ready for the launch of ‘Voice Box Live’

It’s another genius idea by your friendly imp:-)


Love Gongle x


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