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I am posting Annie’s latest blog here as I’m sure you will find it interesting. Annie is rapidly becoming a good friend to the ‘Grimniens’ and we appreciate her support. She has given permission for me to reproduce her post here although, not being a very technical imp I have been unable to incorporate the video at the end. – Sorry about that Annie – but you can always head over to her blog at:

Thank You for the Music …


It started with a song… one truly perfect, magnificent song. It gave full meaning to the words by Bob Marley ~ “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” The emotions this music brought forth cannot be explained in mere words. The song itself remains unknown and the lyrics are inconsequential to this blog because I couldn’t possibly capture its essence here. I can only imagine what the songwriter felt when they heard what they had created. It is joy, sorrow, love, lust and pure desire transporting every fiber of your being to another place. It is all of these things and quite simply, it is a song. This is music at it’s finest and it’s quite astonishing for me to realize that I was in the presence of something so completely perfect. I just know that I have been blessed by hearing a glimpse of heaven.

Music in itself is a gift we should treasure. It is uniquely personal and universal at the same time. And we should be grateful for these glorious sounds and where they can take us to, yet we aren’t. We find ways to download music illegally, without giving the artist his or her due recompense. Too many people feel it is their right to have something for nothing. Thinking it’s okay to steal a song because everyone else does it. Because it is accepted, doesn’t make it right. I personally think it is a travesty to take something that is uniquely an intimate part of someone’s soul without thanking them for this honor. These artists create and nurture their music within their beings, for the sheer pleasure of giving their gift to the world. We need to say “Thank You” to them, so that the music continues. Yet, we are not the only ones who slight this faction of the arts. Venues often require these talented people to pay for the ‘privilege’ of entertaining a crowd, without giving the artist and his talent a second thought. The corporate music world pays little or no attention to independent or unsigned artists, while lining their pockets with the fruits of the labors made by the ‘stars’ in their catalogues. Film executives use songs for dramatic effect and think a mere mention of the artist at the end of a film should be payment enough. I could go on pointing out facts, but I won’t. I’ll just ask you this… How is this fair? When did this happen? Surely, we as human beings haven’t become so jaded in our thinking that the art of the song no longer matters? Is the business of music more important than the art? So many questions, too many really, to cover in one blog. So, I will try and focus on the positive things that I have learned over the past few years, despite the questions mentioned above.

I have been fortunate to hear some of the most beautiful sounds lately. People have shared their music, their gifts with me, and I hope that I have let them know that I am grateful. I have also had the honor of meeting quite a few champions of music. People who believe in music so strongly, they have effectively started a new renaissance for music, and the arts in general, through social media. I believe they will become the new ‘giants’ in the industry of arts. I follow just a few of the many on Twitter and will name some of them here… if I’ve forgotten anyone, I apologize, just send me a link and I will add you! Please, give these folks a follow! Help them to bring about the change so desperately needed within the arts.

Voice Box Live:

@Grimnien @Meadowdragon @GarlanGlave @KillginStark @GongleShanks @KaraJarina @MortonBalthus @GarliTreorne @anmarie63 @WendelSparsett @UrsulaLygarlis @SimonTurkas @mrsnickih
Patron @SianWeather
VoiceBox Live – The Virtual Stage; a platform where VoiceBox members will be able to view or perform music, magic and poetry. Talk about their writing and books, or read extracts and short stories. It’s a place where DJs can perform and where aerobics, pilates or yoga teachers can give demonstrations. All of it streaming LIVE and in real time, to audiences large and small, anywhere in the world.


@CHOORPY @MusicChampion @mrchoorpy We’re putting the power of Music Discovery back in the hands of music fans, Independent musicians and Event Organizers.

Voice Of Indie:
Supporting indie authors, musicians, artists, and websites. Author of the novel JAZZ BABY.

NI Lights:
@NILights @LyndsayMalone
Promoting Filmmakers, Venues, Events, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, and Dj’s from Northern Ireland

Standing O Project:
@StandingOProj A worldwide community of musicians and music lovers supporting great music. This content-rich website shares its revenues with the artists who make it possible.

Art of the Song:
@ArtoftheSong Exploring the universal truths of creativity through music and conversation with singers, songwriters to benefit all who value creative expression

I could go on with this list…. the numerous other entities, presenters, bloggers, radio stations, and just people in general. I truly am grateful for all that is being done around the world to keep music alive. 

So, I leave you with this video…. “Thank You For The Music” originally recorded by ABBA and sung by Amanda Seyfried I do truly thank you all for the beautiful music…

Thank You for the Music – Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia)

As always, for me it started with a song….
and ended with a smile!


Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing…


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