Voice Box Live Chronicle

Exciting news folks!

The Grimniens are launching their very own newspaper where you can keep up with all of our latest news and tweets.

The Voice Box Live Chronicle will launch on Friday 3rd July at 8pm. Don’t miss it, you may be in it!

Kara Jarina has been preparing the paper and we are proud to announce that she will be our newspaper editor.

Make sure you read it and let us know what you think!

If you like it, share it with all your friends please.

I have seen a sample of the paper already…..because I’m very special, and I have to say that Kara has done a tremendous job – for a woman!

The main aim of the paper will be to keep you informed about up and coming writers, artists, musicians, poets etc. and of course to keep you updated on Voice Box Live and the new website.

Make sure you subscribe so you never miss an issue!

Finally, a very warm welcome to our newspaper magnate, Kara:-)

Love Gongle x


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