Update from Gongle

Hi all

I would like to be serious for a minute but I’ve tried and failed, unfortunately!:-)

Apologies for the lack of contact lately but I have my toe in so many pies it is difficult to keep up. Obviously my adoring twitter followers always come last as you are the least important thing in my life! (Cue another massive influx of followers!) I work on the premise of, ‘Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen’

I keep being horrible to my followers in the hope that they’ll all go away but…….it seems to have the opposite effect! I LOVE being a pesky imp:-)

Our competition is ending in two weeks and there hasn’t exactly been a flood of entries so I can only assume that our followers are all rich and already have our books! We were going to run the competition monthly but due to lack of interest I think we’ll call it a day. I am opening up entries so that you can enter anything you like, a joke, a poem, cartoon, anything as long as it’s short, funny and family friendly so PLEASE get entering! Entry is open to everyone (apart from our judge) Even if you’re a close friend of the Grimniens you can still enter  because our judge is not a Grimnien and is guaranteed to be completely impartial. It is just a fun competition so get involved and show us some love!

The new site ‘Voice Box Live’ is well on the way now. It has taken much more time – and money than any of us envisaged but thanks for sticking with us, I promise it will be worth the wait!

You may have noticed that our friend has been sending videos of bands and singers who have been appearing in her local park this summer. If anyone has any similar videos we would love to share them. So if your local park has been putting on ‘open air concerts’ please share them with us. We love to see them.

I am hoping to write another chapter for the book soon, I just haven’t had a minute lately, I am a very busy imp you know!…………..

As always, thank you for all your support, we do appreciate it.

Our newspaper, ‘The VoiceBoxLive Chronicle’ is proving popular so thanks to @KaraJarina for putting it together. I bet Kara didn’t think she’s end up working in Tweet Street! Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an issue. You may even be in it so keep reading.

Don’t forget, you can enter our competition here: https://gongle22.wordpress.com/make-gongle-laugh/

Love Gongle x






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