Competition Winner Announcement

Here it is folks. The winners of our ‘Make Gongle Laugh’ competition are in……………

Drum roll please……………….

1st prize: £50 a signed book by Gongleshanks, a signed book from Grimnien AND a signed artwork by the great wizard! goes to:

Gaynor Robertson. There once was a wizard on twitter

2nd prize: A signed book by gongle, signed book from Grimnien plus a signed piece of art from the wizard himself! goes to

Geordietaf A naughty young Toon called Hall

3rd prize:  signed books by grimnien and Gongle and a signed interpretation of Grimney by

J P Lane…for There once was a cartoon named Hall.


4th prize: a  signed book by grimnien goes to

Annie There was an Imp named Shanks.

5th prize: a  signed book by grimnien goes to

Chris There once was wizard on twitter

Congratulations to all you winners!

Please send your address details to: and I will arrange for your prizes to be sent. Please note your address will only be shared with competition sponsors for the purpose of sending out prizes.

Huge thank you to Daniel Kemp for judging this!


4 thoughts on “Competition Winner Announcement

  1. Woot! I won a prize. And it was easy to write about that wonderful cartoon named Hall who had a lot of spunk though she was small. 🙂 Thanks Grimnien team. XX Gongle.


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