An Update from Gongleshanks

Hi everybody!

We’ve been so busy lately I realised that I haven’t posted a blog for a while so here it is!

The Voice Box Live site is almost ready to launch so watch this space! I have been receiving lots of requests from people lately asking me to listen to music. So many in fact that I can’t listen to them all!

If you send links to me via tweet, if I can’t listen I will at least retweet it so that others can listen.

If you send DM’s you are extremely fortunate if I have replied! That’s because I receive a constant stream of direct messages and most of them get missed!

If you haven’t had a reply it certainly isn’t because I’m ignoring you, the Great Gongle would never do that!

I am not the only Grimnien, there are lots of us so please follow all the team and you can send tweets to them as well. This way you have more chance of getting heard!

Here are some members you can follow:

, @GothickaBlaine @mrsnickih

As our members are rapidly growing we are all getting busy so please be patient, remember we are all volunteers! Also please note that we are not on facebook.

Remember tweets are the best way to get heard!

Thank you for all your support, we really appreciate it!

Love Gongle x



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