The moment you’ve been waiting for!

Hello everybody Well, it’s been a long time coming but……………I finally have news about our new site, Voice Box Live! The site is ready to launch subject to some final tests which will be happening over the next week or two.The site will launch in November 2016…….only joking! Of course it’s 2014! There will be a yearly fee of just £12 Members will be able to own a fifteen or thirty minute scheduled show. The System will have HD visuals and sound. There is  potential for multiple camera usage. Also it’s going to have automated twitter accounts for performers to promote through for free…… Grimnien, DhumassShrester, UrsulaLygarlis and MonicaKellis. There are 100,000 followers behind them! This is just a brief insight into what the possibilities will be. Once the site launches and any potential teething problems   are sorted it will all become as clear as mud!  LOL, speaking from a personal viewpoint of course. As you all know, inverted imps are not known for their technical skills! 🙂 If anyone is interested in helping out with admin for the site please contact our Admin manager:


Please be patient if we don’t get back straight away, things are a bit hectic at the moment 🙂

We will shortly be needing moderators for the site.

The ‘Grimniens’ will continue to interact and promote our lovely followers on Twitter but the new site will give you even more scope to be seen! We are all very excited that the project is finally getting underway and I will update you with news as I get it. Finally a very warm welcome to all our new followers. You probably know by now that we are here to help all creatives whether you are an artist, poet, musician, photographer, writer……………we welcome ALL creatives! Also thank you and please continue to spread the word about us.  Many of you retweet for us which we appreciate very much! We couldn’t do it without you. Feel free to join in with our ‘banter’ It’s a good way to get noticed without boring people with ‘advertising’ and we all enjoy a good laugh. You may have noticed that! We don’t take life too seriously which is why we are happy in our work! Remember, Gongle loves you all:-) x


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