Update on Voice Box Live

Hello again folks!

Well there is quite a buzz at VBL headquarters with the impending launch of the new site! Grimnien is all of a dither trying to decide which dress to wear for the launch and Morton is scribbling away in his lily pad trying to think of new jokes.  Even Garlan Glave has finally managed to drag himself away from the sweet Ambrosia to put in an appearance!

Our beautiful Kara has updated the Editor’s notes in our daily newspaper ‘The VoiceBoxLive Chronicle’ so that readers are up to date with progress of the site. Speaking of Kara <sigh>  she is now Admin manager for Voice Box Live so if any of you are interested in helping with admin you can contact Kara here:


Please note that all positions are currently voluntary but it’s your chance to be involved with something new and exciting which has the potential to be extremely popular……not as popular as Megastar Gongleshanks of course but that goes without saying!

Thank you, as always for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you to our exciting new premises:-)

Love Gongle x


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