An Update from Gongle

Hello everyone:-)

As you probably know our ‘live streaming site’ Voice Box Live is almost ready to go! We are all very busy at the moment getting ready for the big launch! The tests haven’t been carried out yet as – I presume – there is some last minute tweaking to be done but, fear not, you will be the first to know when we have ‘Take Off’:-)

We have been concentrating on musicians because once we get the sound quality right for ‘groups’ the rest should be a doddle. I would like to point out, however, that VBL is not JUST for musicians. There are various channels for people to ‘perform’ on and you can promote anything from alternative performance such as burlesque – to cooking, book readings, art demonstrations, anything creative, it’s our very own TV channel! Where else could you put on your very own shows for a measly twelve quid a year?….eh? ……eh?……. Can’t answer that can you!

You may even be part of a drama group who wants to put on a play! Can you see why we’re so excited!! It’s going to be AMAZING!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Luff who has promoted many of our artists on his Friday night show on BlackCatRadio. We really appreciate people who have been helping to get the word out for us over the past couple of years. Thanks also to the lovely Dene Michael (The real one that is, not the imposter who pretends to be him! lol) Dene is also working on getting some ‘air time’ for our artists.

I should also say a big thank you to Sian Lloyd who not only gives us lots of publicity but takes our teasing with a pinch of salt! Lovely lady with a great Welsh sense of humour:-) We DO appreciate your help Sian.

Wow this is starting to sound like an Oscar ‘acceptance’ speech!

As far as our own team are concerned, it goes without saying how much every one of them are appreciated. We all do this for ‘love of the arts’ and, as you probably know, we are all volunteers who believe that ALL creative people should get a chance to be seen and heard and this is what Voice Box is all about. Grimnien is about to see the first part of his vision come to fruition! Oh yes, the wizard has more plans up his sleeve but more about that later……..

Some of our members have been given ‘positions’ within VBL ready for the launch and I’m sure we are all happy for them!

Our lovely AnMarie is now USA Promotions Manager, Kara is Admin manager (as well as editing our daily newspaper) and Garli will be ‘Senior Moderator’ once the site goes live.

We also have our very own Poet Laureate, Peace who will, no doubt be writing some amazing poetry for VBL:-)

One ‘post’ however has us all a little bemused, I’m talking about Slimeball, Morton of course! Whoever had the idea of making that slimy clam CEO??? (Clam Executive Officer) The first thing he did with his new found power was take ‘muggins ‘ere’ to tidy up his garden! I don’t think he’s quite grasped the idea, do you??

On that note I will leave you with this thought…………….


Love Gongle x


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