Update on Voice Box Live

Hello everybody

I just wanted to keep you informed about the new site. There have been one or two technical issues – as expected with a new venture of this magnitude! We think these have been ironed out now (Thanks Meadow!) If you have given us a user name and password but been unable to get into the site please try again now. If you still experience problems can you please email me: Gongleshanks@hotmail.co.uk

If you are a band or singer who are going to be testing the site please get in touch with me or Gavin so that we can make sure we have your log in details. Some initial tests have been done and we are now ready to carry out the tests to make sure everything is working.

Please bear with us during this stressful time! It has been very hectic and we may need you to re-send information that you have already sent.

Of course we will tweet lots once the site is launched so that you can join and have a good snoop around!

If you have any questions please email either myself or Kara Jarina. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as is Grimnienly possible:-)

We are still hopeful the site will launch this month but if there are any more issues there may be a further delay. Just remember, all good things are worth waiting for!:-)

Please continue to support us even if we are not around as much as usual. Normal service will be resumed soon!

Love Gongle x


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