Hello everybody

I am delighted to tell you that our live streaming site, Voice Box Live will launch in the next few days!

Tests have been carried out over the last few weeks and we are now ready to open our doors to the screaming mob who is waiting outside – although that could be something to do with the fact that One Direction are appearing next door!

As soon as the site is live we will tweet a link so that you can join. Remember the joining fee is £12 per annum which is really just to cover the cost of maintaining the site.

Once inside you can have a snoop….erm look around and familiarise yourselves with how everything works. You may even be able to watch some more tests being carried out! If you see a performance ‘booked’ during the coming weeks, these are most probably artists testing the system. Indeed if you are an artist you can schedule your own ‘performance’ so that you can test out your equipment.

Please bear in mind that the site is brand new to all of us so there may be some technical issues at the start. If you experience any difficulty once you are logged in, simply send a message via the system and we will endeavour to help.  Again, please be patient if you don’t get an immediate response as we are expecting a bit of a stampede when we open the doors!

All that remains for me to say is ……Have Fun and please try not to break anything!

Stuck for Christmas presents? Why not treat someone to a membership? What a great gift! 12 months to watch live performances of anything from poetry readings to live bands and/or  book the venue for your own performance.

Watch out for the links. We will be tweeting them soon!

Love Gongle and the team x


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