Update on Voice Box Live

Hi all

I’m afraid there has been a delay with our new site. The web wizards have been trying to make it live over the weekend but they seem to have hit a few snags. Something as big as VBL is bound to have teething troubles but it is worth waiting a little bit longer for! As soon as it is live we will send out tweets inviting you to join.

In the meantime please continue to support us, we really appreciate all your tweets and interactions.  A lot of you have been with us on Twitter for quite some time now and we are very close to our first milestone!

Of course we will continue to support all creatives as much as Grimnienly possible! If we miss any of your tweets, feel free to remind us, it gets quite hectic at times and we do not ignore anyone on purpose. I have said this many times but it is worth repeating, the best way to get links retweeted is by tweeting them to our @addresses….eg @Gongleshanks,  @Grimnien, etc.

I know some of our followers are quite shy but there is no need to be, it’s why we’re here! Direct Messages get missed because there is a constant stream coming through. If you have had something retweeted via a DM you are very lucky!

I will take this opportunity to wish all of our supporters a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year although I do still hope to bring you news soon!

Please be patient! I won’t mention VBL again until it is live!

It goes without saying how much we appreciate all of our followers. Keep spreading the word.

Love Gongle x


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