A little update on VBL

Hello again everybody

Well the turkey’s wrapped and the presents are in the freezer………….I’m still not sure how this Christmas thingy works but I have BIG news! I got myself a new girlfriend for Christmas. She’s called Ann and she’s very beautiful! She’s coming to stay with me over the holiday on my private island:-) Yes I am a very happy imp……..I just hope she likes being buried up to her neck in sand! AnMarie (my ex) used to LOVE it…..especially when the tide was coming in……<looks thoughtful> Yes AnMarie liked to live life on the edge………..

Anyway, you probably know by now that Voice Box has gone live <shivers with excitement> I am proud to say I have booked my first show in March 2015! I did it all by myself with no help from anybody! Now, either I’m a very clever imp or the site is easy to use……….

If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas present why not buy someone a membership! For a measly twelve quid you can give someone a whole year’s worth of entertainment or even a TV channel for them to broadcast from! I can’t wait for the channels to start filling up. It’s lovely to sit in a comfy chair and browse for something to watch. If I do say so myself this is one of Grimnien’s better ideas! Next year I can go to as many shows as I like without leaving the comfort of my mansion!

You can watch poets performing, listen to rap bands, rock bands, country bands, whatever takes your fancy! Or you can listen to book readings, watch cookery shows, comedy maybe? You might even be able to watch an artist painting a picture, a night at the opera? …….Oooooh it’s VERY EXCITING!

Thank you to all you lovely followers who have joined already and are making plans for how you can make the best of this magical experience. We will tweet about upcoming shows so you can plan your viewing well ahead!

I wish you all a very Merry Grimnius…..erm, sorry, I mean Christmas and a very Voice Box Lively new year:-)

Pls Read! via Then CLICK ->

Much love to you all

Gongleshanks x


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