Voice Box Live – an overview

*Please note* 
Most webcam live streaming sites are not compatible with mobile phones.
VoiceBoxLive has been designed as a BIG SCREEN VENUE
So kick off your shoes, pour yourself a big glass of wine or brew a nice cup of tea, then sit back in your armchair, with your hands free and watch the wonderful widescreen show!    
And please remember that joining VoiceBoxLive supports the arts and you can create the stars!

 *This month we need four or five artists who are interested in joining VoiceBoxLive and who are happy to work with us for the next month or so. We will help you select a show scheduling time and design a graphic featuring each performer, this will to be added to the front page of VoiceBoxLive. The team will work alongside you gathering one hundred viewers for your performance. Please note performers who join the website will be given priority over non members. Once the slots for your show are bought we will send you your advanced payment of 400 pounds by post, VoiceBoxLive is open to all countries, but runs on British time*.   

New on 16th January:

We now have a tiered payment option to make things easier for artists in the beginning. It works as follows:

Audience of 25 people – artist receives £100

Audience of 50 people – artist receives £200

Audience of 75 people – artists receives £300

Audience of 100 people – artist receives £400

*Payment made only to those selected for our monthly VBL promotion and payments will be based on new membership, previous viewers watching a show for free will result in smaller payments to performers*.  

Hello everybody

In this post I am going to give a brief explanation of who we are, why we’re here and what Voice Box Live is all about. For those of you who have been with us for a long time you will already know much of this but for those who have just discovered the Grimniens it will – hopefully – help to clarify what we are all about so……………

I will start from the very beginning, a very good place to start:-)

The Grimniens are a team of ‘other worldly’ beings originating from the Land of Grimney. Heading up our team is Grimnien, a kindly wizard who brought us all to Twitter land to help creative people. We have been in Twitterland for almost two years now making a nuisance of ourselves…..erm I mean, making friends with lots of people all over the earth and promoting them free of charge.

There are many in our team but I am not going to mention them all here because there are too many and some work more ‘behind the scenes’ as opposed to those who appear often on Twitter.

Our main Twittery team consists of Grimnien, a wizard who likes sequins and dresses……….don’t ask! We have a slimy clam by the name of Morton Balthus – who, incidentally used to be a master wizard until he accidentally turned himself into a clam and as yet has been unable to return to his original form.  Then there is Garli Treorne, a strange creature with a bright yellow face who describes herself as a sun Goddess, Kara Jarina a beautiful fairy, Killgin Stark, a deadly swordsman who enjoys poetry, Garlan Glave, a knight who was turned to metal because he adored gold, MeadowDragon, a dragon catcher who seems to have lost her marbles! – I mean that in a very loving way! – All she seems interested in since arriving on this planet is finding a handsome husband and ironing for him all day long! There is a lady in America by the name of AnMarie who helps us a lot and manages our overseas promotions Also I could never forget our very own poet laureate, Peace, he is also a moderator for VBL and a lovely man to boot:-)Then there is me, Gongleshanks, a megastar imp who walks on his hands and is generally magnificent!

In addition to the creatures from Grimney we have some team members who joined us after we arrived on earth, they are Simon Turkas, a photographer who likes everyone to know he lives in sunny Spain! Then there is a weather lady by the name of Sian Lloyd who was SO impressed by me……erm I mean us, that she became our sponsor soon after we arrived. Last and definitely least is a strange cartoon by the name of ‘Hall’ who joins in with our banter and tweets a lot for us.

So that’s the main Twitter team, as I said earlier there are others who you will see popping up occasionally but they mainly work away from Twitter.

Our reason for coming here is that we are all interested in the arts. We believe that all creative people should be given a platform from where they can showcase their talents. Grimnien’s dream was to create such a platform (Voice Box Live) or VBL as we call it now. The wizard and his little helpers have been working on VBL for two years and we finally launched it at the end of 2014.

I would like to make clear at this point that Grimniens are not particularly interested in money, we believe that there is more to life than having the biggest ‘stash’ Some humans find this concept hard to grasp but not to worry, only advanced  beings can understand it:-) It is for this reason that we Grimniens work for no pay, our reward is the joy we get from making people happy. Believe me there is no greater feeling! Ideally Grimnien would like to offer everyone free membership to VBL but the truth is it has cost him a vast amount to get the site built and there are ongoing running costs.

This is the reason he is charging a yearly fee of just £12. I’m sure you will agree that this is a small price for the massive opportunities offered by membership of VBL.

Rather than me yabbering on about what VBL offers let me put some bullet points here which summarise what you get for membership:

  • VoiceBoxLive offers many kinds of performers fifteen minute, half hour, to one hour shows that you can schedule and promote.
  • Unlimited webcam streaming, no hidden costs after joining.
  • Members can type their own automated tweet adverts through our feeds at @Grimnien @DhumassShrester @UrsulaLygarlis and @MonicaKellis
  • Potential promotion to 300,000 twitter followers.
  • Continued support through twitter and independent blogs, potential radio show broadcasts.
  • Promotion via the VoiceBoxLive Chronicle, our online newspaper that is tweeted out daily and retweeted regularly.
  • Free monthly advertising to selected members on the front page of VBL.
  • The VoiceBoxLive team will select and assist four or five performers each month via Twitter or through the VoiceBoxLive membership page.
  • The performers and the promoters will work together to fill the hundred viewer slot for each performance. The performer will be paid 400 pounds or 600 dollars for their fifteen minute, half hour, or hour show.
  • The allotted 100 viewer slots must be filled for payments to be possible.
  • Scheduled shows should be booked exactly one month in advance to allow time to build viewing figures.
  • Performers can join VoiceBoxLive and schedule shows independently of the VoiceBoxLive team, but will not be paid if this method is used.
  • Members can watch unlimited free shows once they have paid the 12 pound membership fee.
  • VoiceBoxLive is designed to be a big screen entertainment venue.

Something which will be new to all of you in the above list will be the fact that there is now potential for performers to receive payment for their shows. Whilst not being cash-orientated, we do realise that money is a necessary evil on this planet and therefore our wizardly wizard has decided that creatives should receive payment for their creativity. We think this is a wonderful idea! Audience members can now take pride in the knowledge that by attending concerts, book readings, art demonstrations etc etc Not only are they getting exceptionally reasonably priced shows beamed directly into their homes but they are also contributing to the performers’ wages which is fair.

Please remember that we are in the very early stages of this project and we are still learning the ropes so bear with us during the initial screenings if there are any glitches. We also welcome feedback and suggestions from our members and Twitter followers, after all this is for YOU!

Of course we will continue to support and promote you on Twitter but we would be delighted to welcome you as members to VBL as well.

The address is: http://voiceboxlive.co.uk

You can join here: http://voiceboxlive.co.uk/auth/join_voicebox

Exciting times are ahead for the Grimniens and their followers and we would LOVE you all to be a part of it:-)

Phew! I need a lie down now!

Love Gongle x


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