News about VoiceBoxLive

Disclaimer: VoiceBoxLive cannot be held responsible for anyone dying of excitement after reading the following post………

Hello all

Grimnien has added a new web designer to the team and he is making some changes to the site. Whilst this work is being carried out you may experience some disruption but this is only a temporary measure and everything will be running smoothly and efficiently again shortly.

We are all getting excited now as our first live show, starring Jamie Wills-Taylor is approaching fast! Jamie is about to make history folks as the first person EVER in – the history of everness – to perform on VoiceBoxLive! She’s a lovely girl and very brave! so PLEASE come along and support her by joining VBL and book your seat for her show on 22nd February. You will also be part of VBL history!

Special thanks to our clever Kara Jarina for making a super dooper advert for us. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is: via   Also thank you to our long time friend Richard Maddock for providing the beautiful music for the video.

We have lots of artistes in the pipeline to perform on VBL which we will be announcing soon. Remember once you join the site – which costs just £12 you can book as many shows as you like at no extra cost.

This is just the beginning of our exciting adventure so please join us! All feedback and suggestions are welcome, remember this site is for YOU:-)

Our web wizards are working (nice alliteration Gongle if I do say so myself!) to make VoiceBoxLive the  number one place to be for all creative people.

Drum roll please………..

Here’s an exclusive preview of something that is being planned for VBL!!

n.b. Morton advised me not to tell you this as he fears people may get TOO excited TOO quickly and subsequently die from excitement but……..I decided to risk it anyway:


Morton Balthus – the slimy clam –  and  Gongleshanks – the Magnificent Megastar – are working on their very own ‘radio’ show which they aim to broadcast monthly………..

Where did everybody go??………………….Oh yes they are all rushing to sign up for VBL…………………………….:-)

Love Gongle x




4 thoughts on “News about VoiceBoxLive

  1. Oooh, Gongle and Morton are going to be having their own radio show? A slimy clam and a megastar hitting the airwaves. This is going to be good. Can’t wait. Big news about the upcoming Jamie Wills-Taylor performance on VoiceBoxLive. Will be listening in.


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