Calling record producers, book publishers etc.

If you have not heard about VoiceBoxLive please read the following link then come back:

If you are a book publisher, band manager, record producer, radio DJ or any other sort of decision maker looking for talent we would very much like you to join VoiceBoxLive.

We are seeking people who can help our members to further their careers. We already have some incredibly talented people who we will be showcasing very soon.

The site: launched recently and in order to encourage new talent we would like them to have the added incentive of knowing that their book/poetry readings, musical performances (any genre) comedy etc. are being viewed by people who can potentially help them on their creative journey.

If you would like to join the site – and possibly find stars of the future – please get in touch and we will offer you special membership terms.

Please send an email to if you can help us.

Thank you




2 thoughts on “Calling record producers, book publishers etc.

  1. Hi: I’m just getting my head around this. I’ve bookmarked so I can get back to it with more time and space, but the big negative I come up against is as a writer, rather than a performer, how my material can be made a. interesting and b. professional enough to fill even a fifteen minute slot. I need to think about it. In the meantime, the very best of luck, Gongleshanks. It’s a great idea.


    1. Thanks for your comment Frederick. The way to think about it is…….How do you make a ‘book reading’ interesting? You could offer signed books to your audience. I find your blogs very interesting so the fact that the author is reading in his own voice can only make it more so? I would be interested to hear what others think about this subject…………..


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