Of Imps and Men………..

Hello to all my fans:-)

I just wanted to keep you ‘in the loop’ with what’s happening at Grimney Towers. As you know we are having some teething troubles with our new site but the wizards are beavering away to get it running smoothly. It is taking longer than we had hoped but please stick with us, I promise it will be worth waiting for and we have some extremely exciting announcements to make once we’ve killed all the Gremlins who crept in when we weren’t looking!

Our Head Honcho, Grimnien has been back to Grimney and returned with a super dooper wizard who is busy mixing magic potions and baking chocolate cakes. Unbeknown to those grisly gremlins who have invaded our state of the art building, he is feeding them cake laced with the special potion which is gradually shrinking them and we are hoping they will soon disappear forever!

The new wizard is going to be in charge of VBL Towers and we are all very excited because he is a truly magical wizard with awesome powers and he is being a great help to our boss wizard who has been tearing his hair out – at least he would have been if he had any:-) – wondering how to dispose of the plague of Gremlins.

It is just as frustrating for us Grimniens as it is for everyone in the Twitterverse but these things are sent to try us.  I mentioned earlier that we have some very exciting news for you and if VBL isn’t up and running soon I may just explode from keeping it to myself! As soon as we re-open the doors to the VBL Stadium I will ‘spill’ but for now we are all just going to have to be patient.

On a seperate note BIG congratulations to our friends ‘The James Clode Band’ who are playing at the 02 Arena on Saturday!……see what happens when you befriend the Grimniens:-)…..muwahahaha and also congratulations to their manager, the lovely Marilyn who is marrying John this weekend, they are going to be running around like blue bottomed flies methinks. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and we look forward to hearing all about both events.  Our sponsor Sian Lloyd will organise plenty of sunshine for you!

I apologise for my lack of communication lately but I’ve been quite busy in the ‘R’ world unfortunately. I am aiming to write chapter 13 of THE book soon so there’s something for you to look forward to:-)

In the meantime, as always THANK YOU to all of our followers and supporters. You are ALL greatly appreciated. Never forget that this venture is for all of you. Keep sending your tweets to the team, you are our life blood!

Love Gongle x


5 thoughts on “Of Imps and Men………..

  1. Biting my nails, Gongle. Know the news, whatever it is, is going to blow our socks off. As the saying goes, good things are worth waiting for. Any news from the Land of Grimney is definitely worth waiting for. Staying tuned.

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