An Update about VoiceBoxLive

Hello again folks…….

Blog posts are like buses, you wait ages for one and then along come two:-)

As you know we have had quite a big problem with our new site and have had to delay the launch. Unfortunately the problem has been quite expensive to fix and Grimnien has had to pay out quite a vast sum in order to get it running smoothly again.

In a previous post we had set out a payment plan for artistes appearing on the site. Unfortunately because of the extra expense Grimnien is not in a position to pay four artistes per month as he had originally planned.

Please note however that he will honour payments to those who had already booked performances as the wizard does not want to let anyone down!

When the site re-launches Grimnien will pay one artiste per month – who will be selected by the VBL team – as opposed to his original plan to pay four.

Of course as soon as enough people join to cover his current expenses he will revert to his original plan. Grimnien wants all participants to benefit from being involved with VBL. All performers will be given a great deal of exposure by appearing and the payments were designed to be an extra bonus anyway.

We hope you will stick with us and continue to support us during this initial testing period.

As soon as VBL is running smoothly I will let you know.

Love Gongle x


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