Update on tsu.co

Hi everyone

It has come to my attention that there is some negativity being circulated about the new social media site which I joined recently. In a nutshell some articles have been written asking if the site is a ‘scam’ mainly because they are offering to pay members a large portion of their advertising revenue. It has been mentioned that this is a form of pyramid selling because members can earn money from their ‘downline.’

Reading these articles has prompted me to write this blog for a number of reasons:

Firstly many of you will know that we – the Grimniens – have been on Twitter for two years now building up our followers and promoting creatives and, as I have pointed out many times, none of us earn any money from this. We do it simply because we love artistic people and want to help them to be seen. We are also in the process of building up our site VoiceBoxLive in order to give our followers an extra platform to showcase their talents.

Unfortunately the launch of VBL has been delayed due to technical issues but we are working round the clock to get the site up and running again.

Our aim has never been to make money from this venture and I have explained in a previous blog post that there will be a small charge of £12 per year to join VBL. The site has cost our founder a large amount of money to build and the costs are ongoing so this charge is simply to help with the running costs. Funds will also be used to build MineEye which will be the social networking side of VBL and will also give writers of all kinds complete control of their sales and  profits.

I would just like to point out that I have not invited people to join me on tsu.co in order to make money! When I was introduced to the site my first thought was that it is an extra platform to promote creatives and to gather interest in VBL.

Anyone who thinks that they are going to make lots of money from a site like this I feel are deluding themselves. I looked on the fact that money can be earned as a little added bonus and nothing else!

I am going to keep my membership with the new site because I do like the fact that there is no word limit on there. However, Twitter is our home and we have no intention of deserting it!

For this reason I will refrain from sending out invitations for people to join tsu but you are welcome to join me there if you wish.

Basically I would HATE you to think that I’m inviting you to join so that I can profit from you, I assure you that this is definitely not the case! I know from reading the articles that some people are hoping to earn a large amount of money from the site which is a little bit naive……in my humble opinion!

I believe that there is an option to join without ‘monetising’ your membership so please feel free to do this. I am interested in sharing your music, books, art etc. and nothing else!

To be perfectly honest I would have joined the site even if the dreaded ‘M’ word hadn’t been raised.

If anyone has any comments about this feel free to leave me a message.

Thank you as always for supporting us and helping us to help you!


Love Gongle x



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