We are expanding!

Hello folks!

As you can see from the title we Grimniens are expanding!………..not literally of course, unless we are going by Grimnien’s waistline which IS expanding due to the number of frogcakes he consumes daily!

Unfortunately there is no news about VoiceBoxLive yet but there is some good news:-) As you know, Grimnien is always on the lookout for new platforms to showcase the many talented musicians, artists, writers etc.who are ‘out there’. He has recently acquired three interesting websites which we will be launching shortly.

I will tell you more about the other websites soon but today I would like to concentrate on the first one which is a ‘celebrity gossip’ site. The plan is that we will writing about you…….yes YOU on the site because in our eyes you are ALL celebrities! Because your books, records, artwork etc. will be discussed in amongst stories about ‘recognised’ celebrities this will hopefully help to raise your profile. I think this is a particularly bright idea of Grimnien’s (and let’s face it he doesn’t have many!) so credit where it’s due, it appears that eating FROGS makes you brainy, not fish as was originally thought……………

It gives me enormous pleasure to tell you that our friends, Caroline and Shona – of PR Owls fame – will be the editors for the site and we are extremely grateful for their invaluable help and enthusiasm for our projects.

You can have a nosey……erm, look at the site here but bear in mind that it will be updated and revitalised once the two bonnie wee lasses get their mitts on it: http://hotvipnews.com/

Shona and Caroline will appreciate any help they can get with the website so if you would like to write articles or have any ideas they would love to hear from you – especially if you have any celebrity gossip! They can be contacted at: pr.owls@hotmail.com

As always we are delighted with your continued support – and particularly your patience where VBL is concerned – but remember, all good things are worth waiting for. In the meantime Grimnien continues to strive to find new ways to give all you creatives the exposure that you deserve.

Please stick with us, your success is our success:-)

Love Gongle x


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