Write a song for Gongle

Hello Folks Your friendly neighbourhood Megastar wants a ‘theme song’ Are YOU good enough to take up the challenge? Write a song about the Great Gongleshanks and if yours is chosen it will feature on my blog. Not only that but the winning entry will be played on by Steve Luff who is also going to judge the competition. Of course I will be tweeting the winning entry too so it will be heard by lots of people.You may want to read chapter one of the Grimniens’ story for inspiration:

Songs will need to be fun, catchy, upbeat and memorable – just like the imp

PLEASE keep lyrics ‘family friendly’ as Gongle has very sensitive ears:-)


Upload entries in MP3 format to: Gongleshanks@hotmail.co.uk by closing date July 30th 2015

Enries will be judged by Steve Luff from Black Cat Radio

Entry is open worldwide but lyrics must be in English

Entries containing bad language/adult material will be disqualified.

The judge’s decision is final (unless bribes of £10,000 or more are received – THAT’s a JOKE!)

Winning entry will be featured on this blog and will receive airplay on Steve Luff’s radio show.

Artistes may submit more than one entry if desired.

Entries will be judged fairly on lyrics/musical ability alone

Good Luck:-)

Gongle x


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