Who killed Gongleshanks? A guest post by Meadow Goblinglitter

Hello everyone – especially all you handsome, single men out there.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring you news that our dear Gongleshanks appears to have met his end at the hand of Ursula Lygarlis. After she fed him poisonous berries yesterday he stumbled into Grimney woods and has not been seen or heard from since. I am wary of blaming Ursula for the murder because I know how it feels to be wrongly accused. Many in Grimney believe that I was responsible for burning down an entire village when in truth the only people I have set my dragon on were threatening my friends and I only burnt them to protect those near and dear to me. I am a sweet and simple maiden in truth.

I find it hard to believe that Ursula is capable of such a horrendous crime, she has always been quite pleasant – if a little odd – preferring to spend her days eating cake and drinking cups of tea with Garlan Glave. I feel she may have been co-erced into the horrendous crime by Morton Balthus with whom she, unwisely, seems to have struck up a friendship.

Anyway that is for the courts to decide but for now we need to organise a search party to go into the forbidding Grimney woods and search for Gongle’s body. You humans may not know but Grimney woods are not for the faint hearted. If the poison didn’t kill Gongle then it is highly likely that his body will have been torn apart by the monsters who inhabit there.

Any brave soul who is willing to join the search party will be welcome. We will be meeting by the Grimnati trees near the opening to the woods at three oclock this afternoon.

Ursula has said that she is caring for Gongle at her home but I fear she is saying this to cover her tracks.

I am sorry to bring such awful news and will let you know the result of our search.

I must go now as I have a pile of ironing to do because I haven’t got a thing to wear.

Yours sadly

Meadow x


5 thoughts on “Who killed Gongleshanks? A guest post by Meadow Goblinglitter

  1. Ha ha. I am Gongle’s PA. I don’t know why he told you that Sir. Of course imps can die but they usually live for a few thousand years first. Thank you for your……concern.


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