Another piece of the VBL jigsaw in place!

Hi all

You may remember a while ago I told you that we had a new website, ‘CelebrityVoiceBox’  Well Caroline and Shona of @PROwls1 are the editors and have been updating the site. Well this post is to let you know that they are launching the site tomorrow!

Being a very important imp I have had a sneak preview and I can tell you that the two lassies have done an excellent job on the site. Here at VBL Towers we are very excited about the launch, so excited in fact that we are currently drinking champagne at Grimnien’s house to celebrate:-)

Grimnien is constantly looking for new platforms to showcase our talented Twitter friends and this, along with our daily newspaper ‘The VoiceBoxLive Chronicle’ which is edited by our lovely Kara Jarina, is set to be another fantastic medium for our talented friends!

We have some other sites coming soon – one of which – MineEye will be of particular interest to you writers and artists…….but more about that later.

Rest assured that our Live streaming site is still under construction after hitting a rather large obstacle and I hope to bring news about that soon now.

For now though, tomorrow belongs to ‘CelebrityVoiceBox’ and Caroline and Shona. I am advised that they already have a very popular and renowned music reviewer/writer on their team and will be introducing him tomorrow……’ll just have to wait!

If any of you are interested in writing for the website please contact Caroline and Shona @PROwls1 and they will explain more:-)

I am sure that they will appreciate your feedback/comments on the site too when they launch it tomorrow.

As always thank you for your continued support:-)

Love Gongle x


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