Competition winner!

Our judges have had a very difficult job deciding on a winner for our first competition but I am delighted to tell you that I have received the decision today! The following is the winner announcement which I received from@UrsulaLygarlis  and @bookattic1

Winner! Winner!

I’m so excited to finally get this HUGE weight off my chest! Today we’re announcing the winner of a £20 Amazon voucher, courtesy of MineEye. It was a very difficult decision, all of you seemed so interested in the idea of a website created for up-and-coming authors.

Drumroll please, without further ado!

Venuscallipyge! Don’t spend it all in one place! Well… I guess you have to since it can only be spent in one place. Don’t spend it all on one thing! You should be able to buy at least two books with £20.

Expect an email soon to receive your prize!

Since we were so happy with all of your comments, we decided to award two runner-ups a £5 voucher!

Irenemurdochcal and Shakrimad congratulations on your prize! I would tell you not to spend it all in one place, but… you know.

Thank you to everyone who entered, your comments were wonderful! I hope you stick around and share MineEye with your friends!

Happy reading and beware the pixies!

We hope you love it!


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