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Hello everyone

In case you’re wondering what’s going on at VBL Towers here’s a little update:

Thw Grimney wizards and elves are still beavering away at updating our virtual theatre and we are now on track for an Autumn launch. Our new team members, K and James R Hahn are also heavily involved with the process and are very excited to be part of it.

Melodie Melia will also be returning later in the year with a brand new series of ‘Hidden Gems’ which – she tells me – will be a monthly feature. She is currently ‘scouting’ for new artistes to interview so stand by your beds!

Don’t forget you can always catch up with us by visiting our website: There are links in there to all our various ventures as well as information about the team, there is also lots to entertain you from poetry and art to music – including a page dedicated to all our ‘Hidden Gems’ from series one.

Gongle is recruiting!…………. I am looking for two or three bloggers who would like a regular slot on the above website. There is NO PAY…..before you start asking, just the Kudos of working for a great Megastar:-) If you are interested please send your ideas to

Please note there will be no Steve Luff show for the next two weeks but ‘The Luff’ will be back on the 12th August with lots of great music and banter!

Can I respectfully request that people stop gathering round my car and taking photographs? It is most annoying when I’m trying to quietly go about my daily business incognito!

Temp 2792

Love Gongle x






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